Tony Avella For Mayor 2009

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New York

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About Us

Save Main Street-

New York's mom-and-pop businesses are an integral part of our neighborhoods. In the City Council Tony Avella has worked to stop this trend.

Protect Our Neighborhoods-

Tony Avella believes that the neighborhoods of New York City are as unique as the people who live in them. As Mayor, Tony will continue to defend our neighborhoods and make New York a model of responsible, community-based planning.

Take Back Our Schools-

Tony Avella's record shows his commitment to creating an education system that works for all New Yorkers. As Mayor, the first thing Tony will do is fire Joel Klein and replace him with an experienced educator.

Restore Integrity

Tony Avella believes that elected officials should focus on serving the people who put them in office. Tony led the charge against Mike Bloomberg when he ignored the will of the people and asked the City Council to overturn term limits, and he'll keep his promise to end his term after eight years.

When the City Council voted itself an unethical twenty-five percent pay raise--increasing their salary to $112,500 for a part-time job—Tony was the only member to vote against it and then refuse to take the money