Health Vigilance Programme Cameroon


Biyem Assi

P.O. Box 301

About Us

HVP-Cameroon is a not-for-profit organisation in Cameroon that serves as a catalyst for better health by transforming individuals and communities through a problem solving for better health process that empowers them to change themselves and their communities for the better.

HVP-Cameroon unlocks the potential of individuals to create change in their communities. The change begins at a training workshop where participants are taken through a step by step process that motivates them to tackle various health and social issues in their communities using locally available resources. Using this methodology, participants have generated better health projects focusing on topics such as increasing HIV/AIDS awareness, better care for orphans and other vulnerable children, child abuse, preventing malaria and infectious diseases, clean water supply etc.

The objectives of HVP-Cameroon are therefore to relieve suffering and reduce disease burden, especially among the rural population of Cameroon.

HVP-Cameroon trains and empowers individuals, in order to strengthen and develop innate and acquired skills that will enable them take action for better health in their communities.