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About Us

Joy Human Development Centre is a community based organisation in Zambia. lt was registered on 15/05/2003. we are in education,health,art+crafts,non violence for human right and sport. 1. Education have a community school for orphans and vulnerable children and the old aged of how to read and write engish and maths, children who parent cannot manage and afford to take them to government schools.the purpose of joy human community schoolmost for vulnerable children, those who are under privileged, victims of violenct and sexually abused.on the above- mentioned areas we have 25-30 in grade one class.teaching method book are provide by parent to write in, black board and chalk so we looking for any we make pertnership, fundraising to buy a complete house-because now we using a home one of a volunteer. everytime the number is increasing. for malaria we want zamia to bt free zero by 2010. we had 300 ITN from unicef for vulnerable. sport, music and drama are tools we use in the community. Mission statement:we are international volunteer organisation working human development, social, ennomicallyand enviromental. we work for the community and by the community for change. we are people at grass root level and its self organizer and self finance. 2.Health we are in malaria,T.B ane AIDS awareness, work with pregnant women end children under five. Art +Crafts and non-violence teache at early age talent ldeniftion and women empowerment. Malaria Fight againnt malaria and non- violence is done. The campaign consists of director that work with 10 organizers. Each organizers Health promoters. organizers and Health promoters take part in a cycle of 12 module bi weekly.on the theme of active non-violence and prevention of malaria.the organizer and health promoters upon finishing those modules receive a diploma and a free mosquito net been a paid up member $2.we looking forward to set-up shops for finished lTN nets for women project to substainabitie of project .and our plan is start making our own bednets, have a cut and sew training of making bednets. for children donation sos community school, learning aid and Bednets for Vulnerable people now all year round pragramme : joy human development centre, Zambia National Commercial Bank, Premium house Branch, P.o. Box 35212, LUSAKA.ZAMBIA. Tel/ Fax: 260225179. Bank Sort- Code or Swift Number or ABA Number ZNCOZMLU AC Number 0660010000245560.