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From the inception of Bangladesh and yet to day different programs are being governed by non-goverment ogganization side by side.Goverment is to restrain the country from war-strom.But the country is restrained to achieve its goal in the sphere of development.Beside, the slum and the poor of the urban extremely going to be increased day by day.They are compiled to live in dense environment inhuman condition.In such conditionsocial mobilization needed up to privileging development programs and the exact feeling as the major poor people of the society.So what the village development foundation has been formed which will give a durable model with a view to solve problems being done traced out the problems in a particular areas. Society for the improvement of research and training is a non-goverment organization and political secular also.It has been working lives and livelihoods of poor, vulnerable,disadvantaged and marginalized people in Bangladesh.It launched the development journey since march,2006 with a defined goal formally but this orginated non-formally since 20 february in 2003.A deliberate group of local philanthropists and benevolent Interested people voluntarily shouldered a deliberate collective effort that manufactured the organization as the crescendo of human advancement named as development.Over the preiod SIRT has explained its working domain indicates programmatic widening in terms geographic and sectoral coverage along with organization al development.SIRT maintains stockholders through establishment of it Dhaka office and different field offices in Bangladesh. Vision: SIRT is a unique one as development and welfare organization. 1)To assure of socio economic on way of knew low management of Human Resources. 2)To development the arrangements of pure water, health,education nutrition, research and sanitation under the programs. 3)To make social protection against injustice and also exploitation. 4)It dreams that hundred of millions of poor and hardcore poor people.will be released from dire poverty and will be better able to properly feed their families,educate their children, provide basic health services and adequate housing along with enjoyment of dignity in human lives with social justice and culture. Mission: The programs captioned under are made by SIRT for the interest of poor people in view of overall development. 1)To eliminate the poverty and to develop the society. 2)To render health service establishing clinic, hospital and Drugs house. 3)To make programs in order to development environment. 4) To development the arrangement of sanitation. 5)To render training in various subjects. 6)To arrange self-employment for destitute women and jobless youth. Objects: Society for the Improvement of research and training's objectives: Structural poverty alleviation, Environmental protection and regeneration, Improvement in women's status, increasing people's participation in public institution, Increasing people's capacity to gain and exercise democratic and human right. Current Projects / Program focus of SIRT ( a)Organization building among the poor SIRT has pioneered the concepts and methods of organization building amoung the poor living the rural and urban areas and encouraged them to organize themselves into groups, properly known as samity. These form the basisof the participatory development and spur on acquisition and strengthening of human,socio-economic and cultural resource bases of the poor. (b)Education program: The importance of human education in building morals of a nation is unrivalled.It builds national ideas,strengthens national character and adds to the intellect.This education does not fit children to became mere factory hands and well-fed makes children to realized the truth that education aims at making real man.Education of such a nature is of great value in shaping the destiny of a nation.All human being have the capacity to become citizens but mere capacity is not enough.By considering above impottance SIRT has priority education program ahead and it has taken various sub program depends on education program.Yhese are bellows: 1. Non-formal primaryschool 2.Adult literacy 3.schooling Non-formal primary school: it is an important educational program of SIRT.This school consists of 25 boys and girls. Their are must be 9 years to 12 years.The boys or girls who never go to primary school or go to school for 02 or 03 months but have been dropped out, only those boys or girls can get opportunity to be a student of Non-formal primary school. Adult Literacy center: The illiterate men or women can get opportunity to be student of this program and their age limit 18 years to 50 years is a 6 month course and after 6 month they can read and write everything.Nest will not be a illiterate people. Schoolings: The children who are fit to go to primary school, but they do not go to school, their names are listed and education they would admission in to rally and the authority of the school will help and allow to get them admission. But the authority of SIRT will monitor and check the students not to drop out from the school.They will communicate with the school authority now and then. Micro-Credit Program: The aim of this program is to reach poor people that would normally not have access to formal banking facilities.They know their trades well but have no collateral.Such people operate on the margins of the financial mainstream.SIRT provide micro-credit finance to the target members. For successful poverty reduction one of the prome needs is to assist the poor to generate more income and creat employment opportunities.This is done throgh providing financial service of credit and savings management and skill development training, hands on extension service and marketing support.Self employment opportunities and more than doubled their income in the following areas:Livestocks,Fisheries, Apiculture and irrigation and tilling tecnology service. Besides above those program,SIRT considering some programs in near future as follows: Gender Social forestry Disaster management Policy and advocacy Networking Hospital project Housing program computer in development program Assistant to other organization. Impact of SIRT program: SIRT has been able to bring about a distinct change both in the physical of the urban and rural where it operated and in the socio phychological land scope of the people it worked for.SIRT Group members,statusand well being are mainly due to SIRT's intervention has also able to facilitate a proces of social change which is leading to the elimination or reduction of forces the reproduce poverty,Empowering women and bring sustainable development fot the poor,Development policy for the betterment of the poor in the society.At last SIRT will pay a sustainable contribution for the Improvement.They plights of the poor both urban and rural society will go ahead co-operation nedded for this from all corners.

From the inception of Bangladesh and yet to day different programs are being governed by non-goverment ogganization side by side.Goverment is to restrain the country from war-strom.But the country is restrained to achieve its goal in the…

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