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About Us

Tellus Network are an international, project based, organization that are working for an equal and sustainable world. We are working closely with Tellus Magazine (

You become a member of Tellus Network when you sign a free subscription of Tellus Magazine. As a member you get the chance to manage projects, apply for different positions and meet others around the world.

Currently we are working with different projects

MDG-project In the beginning of 2008 we are opening our Millennium Development Goals project to give people the inspiration and tools the make the goals real in their communities around the world. A cooperation between Tellus Network and Tellus Magazine that will monitor the global development aid. We will look at both the donors and the receives do what they promise.

Youth Empowerment Project We will during 2008 create a youth empowerment project that will give young persons inspiration and tools to make a change and be the generation that will make a better world.

If you want to know more about the projects, please contact us at