Paper Kite Children's Foundation

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About Us

We are Paper Kite Children’s Foundation, a non-profit charity working to ensure that basic necessities are available to the orphanages in the state of Bihar, India. Our work empowers the children to fulfill their aspirations and end the cycle of poverty.

Our Vision

Our goal is for the children to grow from love, and not fear. Fear of being forced to live on the streets and beg. They do not need to experience pain to learn. As a not for profit charity, we are dedicated to a human responsibility - based on the belief that we are all connected. We have a responsibility to each other.

Our Commitment

To enrich the lives of the children by providing basic needs, educational tools, and support in order to allow them to focus on their own personal growth and development. To also work in partnership with reputable orphanages and children based organizations to provide on-going support in the following areas:

• Clean drinking water • Proper Nutrition • Basic health care • Primary education

Our main 2011 goals are outlined in the following list.

-Raise $30,000 by December 2011 -Reach 50 active volunteers by December 2011 -Sponsor two orphanages (Completed January/February 2011) -Source a donor for our 2011 operating costs -Complete at least 1 field trip to Bihar (Completed January/February 2011)

Our Values

INTERGRITY: Working due diligently by approaching every decision with the betterment of the children in mind. We are committed to helping children based on THEIR values and culture. We want to give the children a childhood and an enriched future. It is our hope that the children will have a promising future in a world free of fear and not worrying if they will be able to eat.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Ensuring 100 percent of all proceeds will go directly to the children. Our operating principles are based on low spending. Our first fundraiser raised $1000 and cost $35. We strive to receive resources at low or no cost. Always being mindful of our sponsors and recognizing the importance of their support.

COMPASSION: Paper Kite Children’s Foundation operates on a purely volunteer basis. As volunteers, we are driven by a common belief that with love, compassion and dedication we can enrich the lives of the children on their journey towards self-awareness, inner balance and personal growth.