Hasaan Foundation

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About Us

History: In 2008, a few residents, businessmen, physician, researchers and lecturers banded together in an informal block association to buy abandoned buildings and start effort to save the neighborhood from decay and destruction. At last succeeded, and formed Hasaan foundation, an organization founded on the basis of self-sufficiency. Today, Three years ago, Hasaan Foundation is a recognized not-for-profit leader in affordable Community development ( Support the Children & women, Health, Education, Awareness on Drugs use preventions and rehabilitation, sustainable Livelihood and ,special Humanitarian Services ) in this country;& get legal status in year (2008-2009 )under socities registeration Act XXI of 1860 of Pakistan with Exempted status. Mission: To achieve the vision, Hasaan Foundation will initiate socio-economic development interventions to bring about changes by mobilizing and capacitating the marginalized communities, especially women and children, to transform their lives so that they can undertake their own development as well as help those more needy than them. Vision : Our vision is Sustainable communities (peaceful, healthy, educated and productive) based on civic sense, social justice, peace and respect, self reliance, and rights-based development. we are already partner of two organization “ Stop TB Partnership” & “PMNCH “ which is housed by WHO in Switerzerland ,Geneva and we have affiliation /partnership with USAID. Projects

Shelter -- support systems for children in need by providing Shelter and Homes.

Health Care -- ( Reproductive Health , TB, Cancer, Polio, Malaria, Dialysis , HIV /AIDS , Pneumonia , Thalasseima , Diarrhoea, Traumatic Brain Injury – TBI, )

Education -- (for both girl and boy children & Women)

Awareness On Drug abuse prevention and rehabilitation

Sustainable Livelihoods

Special Humanitarian Services -- ( Advocacy / Campaign,Human Rights, Culture,Food Protection, Children Rights,Gender, Democracy & Governance ,Poverty Reduction, Nutrition, Disabilities & Climate Change, Microfinance ,Disaster Recovery,Enviornment ,women Empowerment, Justice ,Water & Sanitation )