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About Us

The World is Fun (TWIF) makes volunteering fun & social for Seattle people, businesses & nonprofits by creating, promoting and expanding charitable events.

We’re not your grandparents’ charitable club. We’re a 100% volunteer-run 501(c)3 organization here to make volunteering a fun and social experience for Seattle people, businesses, and nonprofits. We seek to banish the ol’ bake sale stereotype and get you excited about giving back to your community by broadening the scope of volunteerism and revamping existing charitable programs. Our mission is to remind you that volunteering is not a chore - it makes the world fun!


TWIF works within Seattle communities to create new opportunities for people to give back in a way that is social and philanthropic. We connect people to volunteer activities that fit each individual’s interests, passions, and busy schedules while introducing them to a new network of friends.


TWIF connects Seattle businesses to charitable causes and events that align with their company goals. By working with a business on what appeals to them as a company, we create custom volunteering opportunities and marketing strategies that engage company stakeholders and allow the business to raise awareness for the nonprofits it believes in.


What makes TWIF stand out as a volunteer organization is our ability to problem solve, help promote, and organize volunteer events for our fellow nonprofits. We help identify areas where an existing volunteer program can improve or expand and find ways to make it even more awesome!


TWIF produces unexpected fundraising events that show Seattleites that hosting and attending a charitable event is super fun and something anyone can do (not just those with large bank accounts). We’d love to help you host your next big volunteer event!

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