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About Us

The Earth Stewards is focused on restoring & repurposing post surface-mine lands, with an emphasis on former mountaintop removal coal mine sites in Central Appalachia, for conservation of wildlife habitat, tackling climate change through the production of renewable resources & revitalizing the regional economy. We provide technical assistance, expertise, and long-term oversight & program management services, while helping to arrange a regional cooperative ecosystem for post-mine reuse, with programs on each individual mine site or cluster of mines sites being organized by & for communities to foster economic development & revitalization. With an innovative "incubator/accelerator" business model, as well as establishing enduring environmental stewardship partnerships, we act as a catalyst for change and for long-term sustainability. We are bridging the divide between the traditional land trust model & the new restoration economy, bringing to the forefront the economic activity & value associated with ecological restoration & renewable resources. The following is a project outline that The Earth Stewards is developing on post surface-mine lands:

 1. Community engagement & job training in sustainable agriculture, renewable resources, & economic development

2. Production of renewable biomass resources such as fast growing, short rotation, high yield biomass crops for energy & for value-added, bio-based products

3. Evaluation & project development of renewable energy generation from wind, solar, & biofuels

4. Reforestation & mitigation of riparian habitats with native species to develop biodiverse environments & mitigation banks

5. Participation in carbon markets through carbon credits generated from soil carbon sequestration & reforestation

6. Education & research initiatives in partnership with universities, primary & secondary schools, & research institutes to establish satellite research stations on post-mine lands.