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About Us

N E X T is a political action committee working to educate and empower a new generation to shape our country. We believe America must once again stand for expanding, not constricting, rights and opportunities.

During the 2004 election cycle, NEXT focused on reaching out to voters in West Virginia and engaging volunteers in and around Washington, DC, in an effort to elect a Democrat to the White House. Since its inception in April 2004, NEXT PAC has raised more than $120,000; contacted 36,000 voters face-to-face; mobilized 1,680 volunteers; and logged some 17,500 volunteer hours. NEXT accomplished this through:

• Get on the Bus. NEXT brought busloads of volunteers, from political pros to political novices, into West Virginia to register, educate, and mobilize voters. Volunteers went door-to-door; made phone calls; and reached out to West Virginians in an effort to make this swing state blue again.

• Virtual Precinct. This past fall, NEXT launched Virtual Precinct, a political “Friendster.” One of the best ways to make a difference in an election is to influence friends and family. By recruiting “precinct captains,” each of whom reached out to members of their personal networks across the country to make sure contacts registered, volunteered, voted, and made their voices heard in November and beyond.

• Movie Screenings, House Parties and more. In order to further educate, energize and fundraise, NEXT sponsored movie screenings of the many political documentaries produced in 2004. Volunteers held low-dollar house parties, some raising close to $4,000. In October, NEXT hosted the “Swank Soiree,” an event that drew more than 400 people and raised $40,000 to support efforts in West Virginia.