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1)GENERAL AID AND CARE: a)Giving help to orphans, the sick and the poor. b) Care/rehabilitation of abandoned, abused and exploited children. c)Heath Care - Physical and Mental Health Services. Special emphasis on Hypertension; Hepatitis; Diabetes and HIV/AIDS prevention and case management; Cancer Screening, Detection and Case Management; Sports and Health.

2)HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS IN POOR AREARS: a)Epidemoilogical spread of communicable and non-communicable diseases. b) Air, Soil and water pollution. c) Provission of rural Well water and boreholes to eradicate water borne diseases. d)Community-based services to families at-risk and in crises.

3)WOMEN ISSUES. a) Rehabilitation of young prostitutes between 12and 20 years of age. b)Micro loans to rehabilitated prostitutes, Customized Business Assistance, International Trade, Easing Credit Squeeze. c)Women's Action Network, Women Resources, Special Programs and Domestic Violence Inteventions.

4)DISABILITY ISSUES. a. Running an Independent Living Centre b. Coordinating Seminars/Programmes for all disability groups. c. Classification, retrival and visualization system for assisting devices for people with disabilities. e.Provition/Coordination of Projects with Schools and Tertiary Institutes pertaining to Disabilities,Employment, trainer trainee session for filing electronic application.

5)CULTURAL EXCHANGE. a)Education for children. b)Religion,Spiritual,Travel and Metaphysical. c)Social Enterprise,Sports,Recreation and Leisure d)Culture and Arts Opportunities. Develop a viable African Arts and Culture Society and global audience for African artistry. e)Elderly Care and Cultural Adaptation.

6.) STOP CHILD POVERTY. a) - Working with our Stop Child Poverty chapters and partners around the world. b)- Researching and writing proposals c)- Developing resources for schools, Youth Development - After school activities; summer jobs and programs; Child Care. d)- Working with children and youth in undevelop countries on breaking free from child poverty. e)- Raising awareness through events on child poverty.

7.)AGRICULTURE a.Planting of Medicinal plants eg Voacanga Africana, Aloe Vera, Gall-Oak,etc