Association Jeunesse Avenir Safi Of International Voluntry Workcamps(AJASAFI)

About Us

Association Jeunesse Avenir Safi.

AJAS is a non-political, non-profit, non-governmental, non-sectarian, voluntary association. Its membership is open to everyone over the age of eighteen,irrespective of nationality, religion, race, age, political views, or educational qualifications.

Association Jeunesse Avenir Safi of international work camps consider voluntary projects (work camps) as a means of embodying respect for one another as human beings, through the work which aims to serve the community, whilest offering the participants insights into their host culture and themselves.

AJAS expects continuing connections will be made among the volunteers from different cultures and backgrounds. Further cooperation is expected between the organizations that will send volunteers and AJAS from one side and AJAS and local organizations for the other. Volunteer work camps include many activities, designe to allow volunteers to develop their skills in leadership, group thinking, and decision making. The programme also includes social and cultural activities combined with visits to Moroccan sights and projects so the participants can learn about the Moroccan way of life, based on the volunteers' interests.