Baan Dada

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About Us


Baan Dada is a Children’s Home and community economic development center located on the Thailand/Burma border. Baan means “house” in Thai and Dada is Sanskrit for “brother.” Baan Dada is home to approximately 60 disadvantaged or orphaned children. The children’s home was started in an effort to protect the growing number of orphaned and disadvantaged children in the area. Sangklaburi borders Burma (Myanmar) where many refugees and migrant families moved to this area due to poverty, disease, and political repression by the Burmese military Government. Baan Dada is now home to almost 60 children.Baan Dada started in 1994 as an agriculuture project, but quickly transformed into the community service project that it is today.


Baan Dada s a project of the Neohumanist Foundation.

Our main objective is to empower the children through education, formal and non-formal. They are encouraged and taught many skills, from playing musical instruments, sewing, fixing motorbikes, art, languages and technical skills. The children are taught to respect all people, creatures, religion and to practice vegetarianism. This is based on the Neo Humanist’s philosophy “love for all created beings in this world”.

The home also provides jobs for single Mothers, and local families who help care for the children, assist with farming, construction and weaving projects. Baan Dada is an independent community based project that supports the people in the surrounding areas. It has initiated several community services, and livelihood projects.

The home is proactive in helping itself. We are doing this by selling hand-drawn cards and bookmarks by the children, planting rubber trees for future harvest, and performances by the children of cultural dancing and music. Of course, we also welcome support from volunteers and donors!