About Us

Children's Care and Protection in Rwanda (CCPRWA) was formed following the 1994 Rwandan genocide by a small group of Rwandans who grew up in an orphanage in Uganda.

CCPRWA provides training and education for young people who are unable to access government-funded education, through the Nsinda Vocational Training Centre and Ikirezi Pre-School.

Our Vision is to eradicate poverty and hunger in Rwanda through the provision of education and skills to create job opportunities.

Our Mission is to provide education for people in the whole of Rwanda, but especially Eastern Province: to people who never had a chance to continue with secondary education; to give people skills so thay can earn a living; and to help children whose families are not capable of sending them to kindergarten because they are too poor, to give them a head start.

For further information, please see our website (address above) or get in contact with us by e-mail.

We are interested in recruiting student sponsors to pay course fees for young people who would otherwise be unable to progress beyond primary education. If you or your organisation can help, please contact us!

We also have a short-term volunteer programme to allow people to visit Rwanda and help us in our valuable work. This is run in partnership with A Broader View - please see the Rwanda pages at for details and prices.