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About Us

The Adara Group has two quite different parts, but one united purpose – to support people in poverty. The first part is an international development organisation, made up of non-profit companies and trusts spanning many countries, called Adara Development. The second part is two Australia-based corporate advisory businesses, Adara Advisors and Adara Partners.   The Adara businesses are “for purpose” rather than for profit. Their sole objective is to fund Adara Development’s administration and emergency project costs. This allows 100% of all other donations received by Adara Development to go directly to project-related costs.   Adara is focussed on improving health and education for women, children and communities living in poverty. We are experts in maternal, infant and child health; remote and rural community development; and the care, support and reintegration of children at risk. We reach tens of thousands of people living in poverty each year.   We conduct detailed research to ensure our projects are always evidence-based, and we share the knowledge we have gained locally, nationally and globally in the hope of making a greater impact.