Community Care Ambassador

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1-20-144, Rasoolpura

About Us

‘Community Care Ambassador (CCA)’ is Christ centered non-profit Organization, working for the Integrated Development of poor and needy through the Word of God in the urban slums and rural areas of Andhra Pradesh, India.

The Goal of Community Care Ambassador (“An Ambassador of Jesus Christ”), is to establish a development ministry whose purpose is to spread the mission statement of our Lord Jesus Christ [Mt: 28:19&20]

We experienced that Humanitarian Services is not enough to establish Peaceful World or God intended World.

Nowadays Man’s best policy is “Change the Rule, If you are loosing the Game”, the world is corrupt (Gen:6:11-12), and we are facing terrible disasters, from Earthquakes to Tsunami, from Leprosy to AIDS and from Family politics to War (Rev:18:14).

The only way is to acceptance the Universal fact “The Holy Trinity” and follows the Word of God.

CCA’s Mission is Making Disciples, Reaching the un-reached people, spreading The Word of God through Community Participation. Bringing Behavioral Change in the People to accept Jesus Christ as he is the only God who shed his blood for us to save us from sin and assist / facilitate the poor and needy in their temporal needs.

Concept Integrated Development of Poor & Needy through the Word of God

Vision Complete development of a Person in fellowship with Jesus Christ.

Mission Holistic Ministry


1. Integrated Development of Poor & Needy through the Word of God.

2. Spread the holistic ministry to the nations through the heart and vision of Jesus Christ.

3. Strengthening the Christian Doctrine by taking the Gospel to every people group on earth.

4. Equipping the CCAs for strategic cross-cultural ministry by providing seminars, retreats, Workshops, overseas conferences, and transferable training materials.

5. Encouraging the CCAs to adopt the world's least reached peoples, with the goal of establishing church planting movements in their midst.

6. Building alliances of churches, agencies, and individuals who will network their resources in Holistic ministry through evangelistic and discipleship ministries, and church planting movements.

7. Facilitating the poor and needy to walk along with the stream in a Global Village.

8. Providing Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education and Medical facilities to the needy.

9. CCA programs will mainly for the benefit of Christians and Integrated development programs for all irrespective of race, caste, community, religion or social status.

a. Education brings civilization to Impart education to all to build a strong nation of intellectuals and promote literacy and craftsmanship in the Global Village.

b. The establishment and maintenance of Secondary School, High Schools, Colleges, Industrial and Vocational School, Training Schools, Hostels and Boarding establishments for the students. Adult Education and Non-formal centers.

c. Establishment of Home for the Aged, Orphanage, Street Children Home, Special Schools for the Handicapped and Mentally retarded Children.

d. Asst the needy with basic Medical facilities, establishment of Clinics, Hospitals and development of “Where there is no Doctor” concept. Medical Camps, Mobile Medicare, Counseling and Health Education. Health and Hygiene, Food and its Medicinal capacity, Home remedies, Yoga, Health & Community Participation, First Aid Services, Nursing Training, Disease Control Methods i.e., Chronic Diseases Management ( BP, Diabetes, Cancer, Leprosy, TB, HIV/AIDS etc., ) Acute Diseases Management ( Cold, Cough, Diarrhea, Worm infestation etc., ) Mother & Child Health Management, Immunization, Abortion and Sexuality, Addictions, Precautionary Methods, Infectious Viruses

e. Training on Environment Protection & Development Methods. Tree Plantation, Pollution Control, Sanitation, Water, Development of Water Resources, Waste Management, Environment Protection & Development Methods

f. Capacity Building Training, development of Self Confidence, Education, Public Speech, Personality Development, Planning Program Management, Resources Development, Self Help Groups, Micro enterprises, Joint enterprises / Small Scale Industries, Agriculture and Traditional Business Development, Marketing the end products, Vocational Training, Development of available resources.

g. Caliber development courses in Social Work, Nursing, Religious Courses and NGOs Training and Development.