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About Us

LOGOS DIVINITY GUILDWORKS AND MINISTRIES INC is an ecumenical, charismatic-revelatory endeavor founded in Advent 2007 in Santa Fe New Mexico. We are a modern (Abrahamic) interfaith ministry and arts guild fusing faith and art in a new paradigm revealing God’s word in scripture. Galvanizing spiritual formation by visually, musically and in digital-video/film formats re-envisioning God's inspired word, LOGOS DIVINITY GUILDWORKS also encourages co-joined Islamic family to our common Abrahamic embrace, partnering the passion of the first Evangelists with Chassidic Judaism's joyful witness in voicing the Hebrew bible and Gospels of Jesus.

Encouraging a wide gamut of ecumenical, inter-religious chaplaincies and arts ministry cross-media, LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES currently engages interfaith religious life through communities shaping vital, sustainable worship experiences, bridging commonalities in minhag and missional living. Through traditional and contemporary chaplaincy, LOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES works pastorally to seed places of belonging, embracing ecumenism by relevant, substantive perspectival theologies while acting as conduit, compelling us through richly dimensional interaction with scripture to directly, passionately experiencing God as we move toward manifesting the kingdom of Heaven on earth.