Woodlawn Conservancy

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About Us

The Woodlawn Conservancy is dedicated to enhancing The Woodlawn Cemetery as a historic, natural and cultural landmark; to creating a superior visitor experience to the Cemetery; and to building a community of supporters dedicated to preserving Woodlawn for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

Our organization brings to life art and history in an extraordinary outdoor setting. Woodlawn is a "must visit" for all who are eager to learn more about prominent industrialists, music legends, renowned entertainers, and cultural icons. Working with leading scholars of architecture, horticulture, history, music, and more, the Woodlawn Conservancy offers educational and cultural programs including tours, concerts, lectures, and research opportunities. 

All year long, artists take advantage of Woodlawn's beauty; authors and poets come to share their work; children and families visit to learn about their environs; senior citizens enjoy peaceful yet stimulating afternoons; and students of all ages use the grounds as an outdoor classroom. Historically, architecturally, and environmentally significant, Woodlawn is one of New York City's irreplaceable treasures, designated a National Historic Landmark in 2011.

The Woodlawn Conservancy was founded (as the Friends of the Woodlawn Cemetery) in 1999 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.