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Executive Summary

VIAEMPRESA, a non-profit organization, will initially focus on helping entrepreneurs in the Latin American community start their businesses by providing legal, accounting, development, organizational, and financial/funding direction. As a grass roots organization that derives its funding from the for profit world and through grants from the government, VIAEMPRESA will also provide career development advice, counseling, and mentoring services to entrepreneurs.

Unlike the majority of non-profit organizations, VIAEMPRESA seeks to serve as an intermediary between the Latin American entrepreneur and the private and public sectors. Venture capital firms and corporations will donate their services and funding to VIAEMPRESA. In return, VIAEMPRESA will educate and enable entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into real-world businesses. The local, state, and federal governments in the United States (this will be expanded as VIAEMPRESA expands throughout Latin America) will provide grants that will help further the aims of the organization.

Hispanics are expected to represent 24% of the population of the United States by 2050. As a result, there is a significant need for an organization that targets Hispanic entrepreneurs and assists them with creating and growing their businesses. Although there are a range of non-profit organizations targeting this group and investments in the United States and in Latin America have been growing (due to stabilizing economies and decreased risks), a partnership between various entities including the private and public sector would further boost development. This in turn would decrease unemployment, help (re)vitalize minority neighborhoods through economic growth, and help society at large.

VIAEMPRESA is hard at work now trying to locate the management professionals, location, partnerships, and funding that will create these massive opportunities for Hispanics. Financial projections indicate that once formed, VIAEMPRESA would be a viable venture.