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The Mallaba Foundation is an expert, independent, nonprofit Organization funded by Dr.Mallaba Raphael Francis whose mission is to perform charitable services. We are here to provide excellent family centered health care to children in an academic environment that meets or exceeds the expectations of those we serve and educate. To collaborate with others in this globalized world, to improve the health status of children, Better education status and eradicate debilitating illness as well as connecting people, enriching lives. It is our compassion to help and assist all needy children’s so that they can find a better place for Love and Happiness. To work in partnership with people of faith and conscience around the world to end poverty and injustice that affect rural communities. We rely on the generosity of the community to help reach our goal of fulfilling those children's needs. We’re not going to stop until we’ve helped as many as we possibly can. That’s why we need you to join with us. On our own, we can only reach so many, but together, we can reach so many more.

“If there were in the world today any large number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have a paradise in a few years. “Bertrand Russel"


As the global Community we face many challenges including lack of education,global warming, poverty and disease. Individually this problems are insurmountable , but together we can overcome them, because each and every one of us holds a shared responsibility and have a common ability to help, The Mallaba Foundation believes as you do in the strengths of our common humanity and the spirit of giving is the same no matter how much money you give or how many hours you volunteer .A High school student in Mwanza can rally his friends to donate money for victims, a doctor can volunteer his time to help care for the poor ,a CEO can encourages his employees an hour of their time a month ,this small contributions can create a culture of global citizenship that we badly need.

Therefore as a friend and fellow supporter of The Mallaba Foundation We welcome you ,your work here is a wonderful step toward a better future for the world and a better future for all our children .We urge you to continue to work together, as a global community we share values ,we share responsibilities and share opportunities to solve our worlds most pressing challenges.


1.Mobile Library is the milestone project that provides communities, especially the poor and the disadvantaged in developing countries with free access to computers and the internet. The project deals most with these aspects: a) Free public access to computers and the Internet. b) Public training to assist users in accessing online information that can help improve their lives. c) Outreach to underserved communities. d) Showing students how to use web-based resources in their coursework e) Free public access to books, magazine and other various publications

2.Mallaba Foundation Scholarship Program

Every human being should have the opportunity to make a better life for themselves. Unfortunately, too many children in the world today grow up without this chance, because they are denied their basic right to even attend primary school. The Foundation strives to make sure that every child is empowered to make positive choices and provide for themselves and their families. The program is in collaboration with multiple institutions both domestic and abroad so that all students with financial difficulties to have opportunity for better education starting with primary and secondary (form IV &VI) students and latter we will provide financial support for college students as well. As we are not for profit organization we shall always provide scholarships for underprivileged, orphanages and meritorious youths. All of our scholarship application forms can be downloaded from our website. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

3.Youths Program

The Foundation runs a specific program for ‘special youths’ - young people who are involved in drug and substance abuse. They are given counseling, are encouraged to face up to their addiction, and given advice on how to continue with a positive life style. Youth Program counseling is available for as long as it is needed. By helping youth reach their potential, we lay a solid foundation for our future. Mallaba Foundation is known for providing leadership in youth development. We use a multitude of related approaches to create the conditions that enable young people to actively contribute to their communities. Sports for Outreach while channeling energy towards positive physical activity, the program also educates and empowers adolescents with factual information concerning their health and social well being The Youths Program serves as a medium through which The Mallaba Foundation train youths in socialization, leadership, communication and decision making as its affects their total well being. All members of the Program attend a fortnightly meeting during which important social, health, economic and /or any relevant issues are discussed for the benefit of members of the Community. The members draw up activities that they want to carryout with the assistance of the centre personnel during the year .The programs are carried out after approval from the organization. The Program organizes picnics, awareness day and enlightenment campaigns which were approved and supported by Management and Staff’s team under the leadership of the Youths Program Coordinator and Secretary. The Foundation trains many young people every year in peer health education, both in and out of school. Topics facilitated at these trainings include: sex and sexuality, gender and gender roles, HIV/AIDs, sexually transmitted infections, contraception, drug abuse, gender based violence and assaultive behavior, communication and negotiation skills, self esteem, leadership qualities, and many more.

4.HIV/AIDS Awareness Program

HIV/AIDS Awareness Program, is aimed at the Tanzanian youth, to prevent the spread of this dreaded disease.The community awareness and stigma reduction activities will be carried out to reduce the incidence of HIV among key populations at higher risk of infection, including vulnerable women, truck drivers,uniformed services, internally displaced people,migrants, and at-risk youth. The objective is to increase knowledge and awareness of HIV/AIDS, train HIV/AIDS peer youth educators, provide Home-Based Care for families affected and to enhance lives through comprehensive voluntary confidential counseling. The care and support delivered through the program to the sufferers will also benefit the general public because a 'positive' lifestyle of the infected would help prevent the virus from further spreading. We truly believe that the program will be an important milestone in the fight against the epidemic.

5.Reduce Child Mortality & Improve Maternal Health Project:

The Foundation is financing the project to determine what might be the actual cause of most avoidable Child Mortalities in Tanzania and how Maternal Health can be improved in order to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set by the UNO. Some of the diseases to be researched under this project are Pneumonia, Diarrhea, Malaria, Measles, HIV/AIDS, Congenital Anomalies, Under-nutrition. After the project to be conducted the Proposal will be given to the local Government and the Ministry of Health for implementation providing all the suggestions and actions to be taken.


The Mallaba Foundation is an expert, independent, nonprofit Organization funded by Dr.Mallaba Raphael Francis whose mission is to perform charitable services. We are here to provide excellent family centered health care to…

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