The Order of Celestial Lodge

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About Us



OCL Global is non profit 501(c)3 organization with a mission to assist individuals and families whom cannot assist themselves. The philanthropic work of OCL includes international programs to as well as local community programs based in the major cities of the United States, including Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Raleigh, Humboldt, Richmond, Mt. Vernon, in addition to other locations.


Members of OCL volunteer in the communities to provide food and clothing to homeless individuals and families, coupled with a message of hope. We believe each individual should be treated with dignity and respect, and should be offered a helping hand to aid in life rescue.


Individuals whom are in the homeless community not only need food, shelter, and clothing. They need a message of hope of a better tomorrow to inspire the desire for change and to incite action.


OCL is expanding operations to transitional housing projects which will empower individuals to have a second chance in life through educational workshops and guided action plans.


OCL is also a membership based organization which provides an extraordinary opportunity with venture capitalism and business networking. Our organization is committed to fostering community leadership amongst the elite men & women in society.