Hope For Better Life

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About Us

Our Country, One of the Great, Historic, Richest,Lovable. All the before mentioned facts are applicable to only people who are over privilezed. What about the needy people., what about the under privilezed. "Great country - for whom", "Historic country - what for", "Lovable - who is loving whom". "Richest - so what". Still people do die of "Hunger". Can't we stop it. Answer is Yes we can.

Our Country is one of the leading in technical field, But still there are people who even can't spell their name, who even don't know the importance of "Education". Can't we educate them. Answer is Yes we can.

We feel so proud for the fact that our country is Home for Human Values. Assume that is right, then what about homeless senior citizens, why are they sent out of their home at their final stage of life. What they need after all, "Food and Love". Can't we provide that. Answer is Yes we can.

Who we are?

We are group of people who strongly believe that we owe to society a lot. We love to return what we owe. We never complain for any small things, Instead we try to find out the reason for the problem and if possible a solution. That is one way of making society better. We never wait for something to happen or never look for someone to set up the path for travel, Instead we lay our own paths. our path won't change often.

What we Do?

We want to do our bit to make this society better. We Select a problem in our neighbourhood, Collect the money from our volunteers or members and try to eradicate the problem by plucking it from the root. We are not here for making profits, We are here to provide service.

Why we Do?

We are not ordered to do this by any one. In fact no one need to get any orders from anyone to do their bit to the society. We just do it to fulfill happiness in the lifes of the people.

How Many are We?

It started with one, but now we can proudly say we have a group of 30 commited volunteers and still growing day by day.

"Nothing is small in this world, Unless Effective"