Hope Beyond Worldwide - Sharing Love, Knowledge and Skills Changes Lives

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About Us

Hope Beyond Worldwide began with the intention to place volunteers and aid the grassroots communities by initiating projects that impact the current situations facing people in those communities.

Our vision is to help over 300 million people around the world in various living conditions without basic needs, like running water, education, access to health services and skills for job employment, that is why we exist!

Our main focus of our programs is to share our people's culture and life experience with our volunteers in all of the projects they are helping and working together with the local people to help make a difference.

We work with our volunteers by providing skills and support to;

- Provide access to Healh Services for undeprivileged communities - Provide Education and Skills training for children and Young Adults - Promote Sustainable growth through Self Empowerment - Provide Housing and life support for Orphaned, Street Kids - Promote Health Education for personal hygiene, sanition, HIV/Aids and other cases through workshops and community seminars

In the communities in the developing world