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About Us

Now acknowledged as a National Treasure, Jazz is America's gift to the world of music. Our organization, named after one of the most creative bassists in Jazz, is dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of the music according to its Jazz Masters, innovators, and most accomplished artists. Theirs is a unique perspective, and one goal is to share this information with those who study this music within the academy and beyond, especially talented youth who are too often neglected and marginalized. We arrange workshops, seminars, symposia, and performances, especially encouraging students, pre-K through 12, as well as college and graduate students engaging our most accomplished musicians. We also seek to create world wide performance opportunities for these master musicians and provide proper compensation and benefits that adequately reward their expertise and artistry. We desire much greater national and international exposure within mainstream and popular American culture for master musicians whose decades of music mastery deserves wider recognition and reward in the larger society. We desire collaboration with other nonprofit organizations whose goals are similar and who are willing to engage in national and international dialogue to advance knowledge of the art form, its history, its genius, and promote its most accomplished artists.