Race with Purpose

  • NY


19 Fair Street
United States

About Us

Race with Purpose provides opportunities to combine your passion for community service with athletic performance. We will challenge you to push beyond your perceived boundaries by completing an endurance event, such as a half marathon, marathon, or triathlon, while dedicating yourself to worthy causes that improve the lives of children.

Race with Purpose athletes have raised millions of dollars to support organizations that serve kids who struggle because of poverty, disadvantaged educational systems, and preventable chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, as a result of obesity.

Race with Purpose provides seemingly ordinary people with the tools, training, and support to be extraordinary.

You will challenge yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally, while enjoying a life-changing experience as a result of your hard work. Crossing the finish line with the support of your teammates--knowing that you've played a pivotal role in improving the lives of thousands of kids along the way--is beyond rewarding.