Help Line Rural Devt Society

About Us

1.Doing gospel ministry in between the rural poorest who belonging to the depressed and opressed groups and communities.

2.Doing charityworks for the orphan children,tsunami children,widows,old age people both gender,diabled's work,lepers work. caring three orphanchildren's homes, as for sseveral years in 3 states(few parts) by the blessings of God and by the kind suppports of family offerings of few abroad . Due to their deaths we are now troubling to carry on the works.

3. we are having 300 above women's self help groups in our rural poor villages. We need help for to do sustainable projects for them to eradicate the poverty, and give economic freedom to the poorest women. The income generating project is the best for the women and the small business/ microenterprises are the best project to the men who are depending upon only their dailey wages less then $ 1 US per day.

4.we are working two tsunami affected fisherman villages. They need sustainable projects for to get recovery from Tsunami distructions. They need housing, new motor engine boats & nets for their fishing job to earn emcome to protect their family and children. And also they need Healthcare centers,educational centers, also clean water supply encluding sanitation fecililties. The affected fishermsean villages names are Rakshnyakuppam, and Bethanikuppam which are locatesd in coastal Andra Pradesh nellore district. Nearly 150 families are sufering as lot as for one and half year without income. These people knew only the fishing job and their women are knowing only fish trade by their heads. So it is very hard for them to maintain their families and children with good food shelter, health and education. Keep it in your all holy prayers and kind consultations.

5. 75 preachers, 10 evangelists are working without support. If Lord willing if you comeforward to help them, it will be verey great in spreading the gospel and for win souls for Christ.

6. At Present need is support for our 75 orphan and tsunami children at Sathyavedu, 50 children at Peradam a forestry area where the Trible and forestry children are caring, there is no good accomadation for them. And 65 children for the Amaithi illam at Chennai, 60 children at Bangalore rural village, also 50 children at K.V.B.Puram for Sc and St children who are living only in forestry areas sho didnot knew the smell of the education and good culture.

7. We need grant to provide nutrition food to the children at the agse of 2-12 years and to the preganance women of the poorest in our rural areas where we are working.