Hope Foundation Cameroon-HOFOCAM

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About Us

Hope Foundation Cameroon - HOFOCAM is a not for profit development oriented Organization with registration number: 019/RDA/B15/A2/SAAJP inline with law n� 90/053 of 19/12/1990 governing the creation of Non-governmental Organisations in the Republic of Cameroon. It is located in Bertoua, the Capital of the East Region of Cameroon in Africa. Motto: "Hope for the hopeless" Mission statement: Together with other stakeholders, HOPE FOUNDATION CAMEROON-HOFOCAM has the inherent mission to contribute to the fight against hunger and poverty in a friendly environment. Vision: Empowering rural communities especially women, vulnerable and the less privileged have been the focus of Hope Foundation Cameroon. The Foundation thus envisages a future where by there is equal opportunities for all.

Our Objectives


- Contribute to the alleviation of hunger and poverty by adopting participatory sustainable development strategies geared towards livelihoods improvement. - Encourage participatory biodiversity conservation and ensure sustainable management of Natural Resources. - Facilitate the less privilege to feel the effects of Globalization through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)- Computer, Internet and Fax These objectives are attainable through the use of dedicated and competent staff ranging from Veterinary Doctors, Medical Doctors ,Social Scientists, Educationists, Civil and Computer Engineers, Agro-Ecology experts and Agronomists often referred to as Community Development Agents who work in the rural communities where most of these less privileged and disadvantaged groups of individuals are found.

This orgnization which is pretty young seeks to partnership with well experienced and impact oriented organizations which can nuture and mentor so that the Foundation can realize its mission and vision.