Maranatha Baptist Church and Maranatha Dispensary

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About Us

Our organization involves in preaching the Gospel of the Lord, education,developpment, and social .Maranatha Baptist church is located in Carrefour La Branle, Dubedou,a countryside of Gonaives, Artibonite Department, Haiti.This countryside is about 18 Kms at the northern of Gonaives and includes several smaller localities such as: Terre Blanche, Nan Severe, Tet Kanal, Chwezi, Gwo Roch, Tere Rouze, Jacobin, Post Koutan, Finel, Nan Tomarin, Pon Ferran, Pass SabNan Michel, Jean Gilles, La Ferriere, Perou, Morne Post, Nan Bigue. Carrefour La Branle is a part of Haiti .It is not . far from Miami Florida. It is at one hour and thirty minutes of traveling by plane from Florida.

We founded two nonprofit organizations in our churches: L'Eglise de la Mission Baptiste Maranatha de l'Artibonite, Inc,recognized by the State of New Jersey in New Jersey, and Association des Femmes de Carrefour La Branle(AFC), both organizations work together under one name: Maranatha Projec/l'Eglise de la Mission Baptiste Maranatha, Inc.


Maranatta project is a nonprofit organization with a large vision for its communities: Spiritual, health, orphanage, Professional center, environment,education etc. However its main goal is to promote the primary health care in communities where there are no other medical facilities such as hospital, dispensary, medical clinics or other services offered by OG(organization gouvernmental) or ONG(organization non governmental). Maranatha Project has its branch in New Jersey known as l'Eglise de la Mission Baptist Maranatha recognized by the State of New Jersey.


As a visional communuty project,we see all the citizen in our community without discrimination of religion or others. Our mission is to provide the best health care to everybody living in our community.Because there is a lack of medical doctors in Haiti and mainly for the rural communities, to treat the most common diseases, Maranatha project hire Nurse or LPN to provide the health care to the population.

To be more efficient, we intend to train health hawker to assist the nurse in some areas far to the dispensary. This health program includes services such as: assist people in their living health conditions, potable water, sanitation etc. Service offered by Maranatha Project- -General curative medicine -Delivery and post-partum -Maternal children health -Preventive & curative health care for children and women -Family planing -Adulth health program -STD and HIV education program -medication distribution -clinic visits -medical care for children and families -treatment and education -Right now we are working on: a HIV educational program -Vaccination program .



-Medical supplies(medications, equipments,audio maetrials for health education etc.)

-financial support


-education via conference, training opportunity

-Biblical studies (chaplain) etc.


-Pilot Professional center

For assistance or donation Please contact: Dr. Jean-Robert Derisse,M.D. 128,Pont Quenepe,Rte Nle # 1 Gonaives,Haiti (W.I.) HTA4110, e-mail: and Tel.: (509) 625 2882 and if there is difficulty to reach Haiti , call to leave message for me: In USA (954) 609 6352 / (954) 822-4032

NB- Grant Proposal studies for our projects are available upon request. God bless you.