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About Us

The Center for Hispanic Policy and Advocacy (CHisPA) is the only bilingual Latino community-based non-profit organization located in Providence, Rhode Island, dedicated to improving the quality of life for Latino families and individuals by advocating on their behalf and by providing a variety of educational, health education and disease prevention, and social services/case management programs and services. CHisPA’s goal is to empower Latino families and individuals to achieve their full potential as productive members of the Rhode Island community. Our vision is to help create a social, political and economic environment where the needs and aspirations of Latinos are embraced in a manner that is consistence with that experienced by Rhode Island’s population in general. We ambition a community where the Latino perspective is a respected addition to the policy making arena, where language is not a barrier to achieving economic or political equity and where access to housing, health care and education is considered a right extended to all citizens regardless of their race or national origin. As a viable bilingual and bicultural organization, CHisPA will be a strong voice of the Latino community and will successfully engaged other community resources and individuals to support its efforts to realize this vision.

In order to achieve our goals CHisPA have developed the following programs:

• Advocacy: CHisPA has been a lead player in the promotion of several pieces of legislation relevant to the Latino community including bills assuring appropriate interpreter services in the courts and hospitals. CHisPA has also represented the community in various state, municipal, social service and other forums so as to assure that Latino issues are “part of the agenda”. CHisPA also works with numerous organizations such as the RI Coalition for Immigrants and Refugees to assure that important social justice issues are brought to significant forums and decision makers.

• Direct Social Services: CHisPA provides individual community members with assistance in areas such as accessing health insurance and social services. Case management assessment is conducted to identify individuals and family’s needs. Staff also collaborates and network with substance abuse, domestic violence, labor, DHS, DCYF, as well as Court related issues and Unemployment cases.

• Health Promotion Disease Prevention - Promotores de Salud/Health Promoters: Promotores receive intensive training in community and health outreach. Promotores de Salud conduct outreach in the community and provide vital health information on topics such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and access to health care. Currently Promotores are providing education and prevention on: Prostate Cancer, Nutrition and Heart Diseases, Elderly Health Issues and Domestic Violence.

• Adult Education Program: CHisPA provides ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, and is currently developing computer education, Spanish Literacy and GED components.

• Financial Education Program: CHisPA provides services and assistance to Latino and non-Latino individuals to file their Income Taxes Return Forms and to obtain their ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. In addition, CHisPA provides assistance to individuals during non-tax season to solve issues with the IRS and assistance with credit problems.

• CHisPA Informa/CHisPA Informs Radio Program: CHisPA’s weekly radio program airs on Latino Public Radio, 88.1FM on Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Listeners tune in and receive information about important issues and community resources.

• The Bridge School: The Bridge School is an alternative school for Providence youth suspended from their schools or released from the RI Training School. The Bridge School staff work to prepare students to re-enter the public school system.