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About Us

"Syntez" Kharkiv Regional Charity Association which mission is give comprehensive assistance to hapless children of Kharkiv region: orphans, refugees, homelesses, children from especially needy many children having families/ "Syntez" Association has been functioning in the given region from 1995. Within the framework of the operating program the "NASH DOM" ("our home") child-youth Centre of rehabilitation of children and youthes who were in extreme situations has been opened sinee 1997 (scheduled load - 44 children from 4 to 18 yeas old). More than 700 children has been worked out during the time the Centre functions (given back to the families, given to new families, arranged for studying in schools of general education and other schools, arranged in boarding - schools and etc.) Taking into account Ukraine's economic crisis and according to it the increase of homeless children in Ukraine (according to the statistics more than 3 million children live outside in Ukraine and more than 23 thousand in Kharkiv region), there is a necessity of development, expansion and more effective functioning of "NASH DOM" Child-youth Centre of rehabilitation of children and youthes who were in extreme situation.

Issuing from the aforegoing "Syntez" Kharkiv Regional Charity Association seeks Foreign partners for joint work for assistance giving to homeless children of Kharkiv region who badly needs nourishment, clothes and footwear, medical care, aducation, adoptive family and etc. (this is not the full list of first necessity, that cannot be satisfied even by the state !!!). "Syntez" Kharkiv Regional Charity Association is a non-commercial, non-profitable, non-state charity organization, carrying out its activities only for account of donations from natural and legal persons.