NorCal Resilience Network

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339 15th Street
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About Us

The mission of the NorCal Resilience Network is to promote a Just Transition to an equitable and regenerative future by supporting and activating community-based and permaculture-inspired ecological solutions in Northern California.

As an organization, our work includes the following:

Goal #1: Developing our Models of Resilience:

Our Ready for Anything Initiative is a new project with the vision of creating homes and neighborhood centers that are models of community resilience, fully prepared for climate change, natural disasters, and political crises. We are excited to help to scale up home and neighborhood resilience efforts through this community-based approach, that focus on strengthening neighborhoods to support resilient homes, and few disaster preparedness efforts that integrate climate action into their programs. We are developing online resources, developing relationships with local governments, catalyzing work parties and offering training workshops.

Goal #2: Broadening support for the community resilience movement

We are sharing stories about inspiring projects and programs that represent the diversity, breadth and value of our regional movement, highlighting projects from frontline communities. We are also creating presentations for businesses employees, community service groups and other audiences about opportunities to get involved in the community resilience movement, especially through work parties at various community farms and gardens.

Goals #3: Building Capacity for Grassroots Leaders

We are developing a monthly capacity building workshop series for grassroots leaders.

Goal #4: Building solidarity by fostering collaboration and cooperative partnerships among groups