''Parentless Children's Committee''


Grigor Lusavorich 15


About Us

The "Parentless Children's Committee" has the following main goals and programmes:

to assist needy and crippled children to meet their essential daily and social needs; to cultivate benevolent traditions and practices; to help indigent pensioners, orphans and disabled persons; to organize medical service for needy and crippled children; to improve the provision of medical services in our Republic; to solve the problems of orphans and disabled children education; to rise the living level of the people in our Republic. Donations from abroad are our main source of funding. The first donation was received from the "Fund of Mme Mitterand". The organization has branches in the USA and France.We have the accurate case- files on orphan children, with children's photos and facts about their lives. These files assist us to identify their needs and to find sponsors.

By the help of the organizations ''Coordination orphelins d'Armenie' [France], ''A.S.D.A. children's fund''[USA] we fulfilled the sponsorship of more than 210 children. Some groups of children have spent their holidays in France by the assistance of the organization and it's French branch. We have also arranged the treatment of some children abroad.

We cooperate with many local and foreign organizations. We fulfilled the programme of sponsorship with the organization ''Children of the World''.

In1991 and 1992 we published the independent, commercial newspaper ''Million'', the aim of which was to give more truthful illumination and analysis of political, financial, juridical, spiritual statement within Armenia and outside.The profit from the sale of our newspaper was distributed to the orphans.

Beginning from 1991 the organization sponsored the refugees, who has found their shelters in the borderline between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Our organization has cattle-breeding farm, where only refugees work. The cheese and meat produced there are distributed to the children's homes and nursery schools, prisons and old people's homes.

In1994 we founded a coordination centre to handle special programmes for the care of children and distribution of aid. We have on file over 20000 fatherless or motherless children who has received assistance from our organization .

In 1996,on the 1-st of June, our organization sponsored an exhibition and sale of parentless children's crafts for the first time in our Republic (devoted to the day of children's protection). The participants included refugees, blind children from special schools, and students from Boarding School No.11 in Nubarashen. The exhibition and craft fair were a great success and the entire proceeds from the fair were distributed to the participants.

In 1999 our organization published new year postcards with the international organization ''ARLEX'' and the income from the sale distributed to the orphans.

Our organization realized and realizes series of humane programmes. We provide approximately 3000 children with the financial aid and clothes, a year. The organization has certain programmes of development in the field of economicsx, education and public health of Armenia.