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915 North laleside Drive
Lake Worth
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About Us

Arts For Everyone strives to undo racism through the arts. The underlying intention is to empower all participants to discover what it means to be human: their self-worth; the pride of their uniqueness; the respect of their diversity; the reacquaintance to the rhythms and cycles of their lives; the importance of positive race relationships; and the value of learning communication, cooperation and peaceful conflict resolution skills. Arts For Everyone involves children and youth from different areas in a non-competitive spirit of cooperation. It is designed to reduce prejudice and to create opportunity to understand the value of diversity through arts and culture.5 COMPONENTS ONE Create A Safe Place

Raise Self-Esteem

Learn Respect For One Another & All Things

TWO Learn Skills of Positive Communication

THREE Learn Skills of Cooperation

FOUR Learn Skills of Peaceful Conflict Resolution

FIVE Define Racism Participate in Dialogue About Race & Culture Begin Undoing Racism