Bonnie Lowenthal for Mayor

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1650 Ximeno Ave. Suite 210
Long Beach
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About Us

Bonnie Lowenthal has dedicated her life and career to improving Long Beach, and is the most experienced and prepared candidate to lead Long Beach forward.

A resident of Long Beach for more than 40 years, Bonnie raised her family here and has worked across our community to improve our schools, make our neighborhoods safer, and make our city work better and more efficiently.

As a school board member, city councilmember, non-profit director, and currently our representative in the State Assembly, Bonnie’s focus and effectiveness have never wavered: keep Long Beach the special place we all love while continuing to improve our neighborhoods, our schools, and our economy.

As a former teacher, professor, and school Board member, Bonnie led efforts to reform our schools and helped make Long Beach one of the best urban school districts in the nation.

On the city council, she fought to hire more police, crack down on gangs, and reduce firefighter and police response times. Her efforts while on the council helped reduce crime in our city and make our neighborhoods safer, create green building solutions to protect our environment, and help businesses create jobs.

In the legislature she is a tireless advocate for our city, helping create thousands of new jobs in Long Beach and redirecting millions of taxpayer dollars away from insider special interest boondoggles back to our schools and public safety, where it belongs.

During California’s tough economic times, she helped deliver the first budget surplus in over a decade, protected funding for our schools, fought for investment in infrastructure like newer, safer highways, and led efforts to protect vulnerable seniors.

Bonnie Lowenthal is a leader in our community, helping improve graduation rates, creating jobs, increasing funding for public safety, and providing money for infrastructure projects that will fix our streets and sidewalks.

We need her experience, vision, and drive as Mayor. Bonnie isn’t just a fighter for Long Beach, she’s part of Long Beach.