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About Us

Youth Crime watch of Liberia is an accredited youth organization established to help address the need for grassroots participation in nation building, following the civil conflict, which nearly decimated the population. We are dedicated to fighting illiteracy and promoting reconciliation, reconstruction, peace, development and better and healthier lifestyles in Liberia through crime prevention, youth empowerment and youth employment.

Experience Liberia

Youth Crime Watch of Liberia through it EXPERIENCE LIBERIA program offers a valuable opportunity to experience all this country has to offer through service work. With a wide range of positions to choose from, volunteers are able to select work that corresponds with their current interests and future aspirations.

Experiencing Liberia is a program of Youth Crime Watch of Liberia and run by a dedicated group of volunteer staff based around the world. We facilitate placement of international volunteers and interns dedicated to promoting social justice and sensitization about sustainable development of local communities with organizations who share these goals and seek additional support. Our volunteers and interns are people who seek to learn and contribute by working as part of a community, implementing projects and sharing their experience and ideas.

We are organized to facilitate and assists in placing students, groups, gap year Students or individuals as volunteers/interns in all sectors of the country. Our volunteer program will help you learn and undertake projects, and share ideas on issues that are affecting our world today. Volunteering with us is an opportunity to contribute to peacebuilding and development in Liberia, volunteering in communities and sharing views on a person-to-person level. We place volunteers/interns in a number of organizations including: government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), media and journalism, sports, community and youth development, hospitals/clinics, legal institutions, schools, and orphanages. In addition to the service projects, we also coordinate opportunities for adventure holiday tours, wildlife hikes, language and cultural lectures, and other programs. You will have weekends and evenings to have fun and explore a new culture!

You check on our Experience Liberia website at: for more information on our volunteer/interns programs.

What Volunteers Do?

With support from EXPERIENCE LIBERIA’s caring staff environment, incoming volunteers are guided, inspired and assisted to take action, help design programs that empower youth and advise them on how to implement action projects successfully.

Successfully recruited volunteers will fill vacancies or will support already existing officers in working on/in these sections or programmes/projects: Newsletter, Website marketing and regular updating, Proposal writing, Youth MDGs Programme, ICT, Leadership and Entrepreneurship programmes, Communication and Information Dissemination, Teaching in Schools, women empowerment projects, Connecting communities and working with Schools &Youth Groups, Engineering projects, Community Outreach Advocacy, computer Literacy programs and support the MRU Technology Hub/platform for Liberia. EXPERIENCE LIBERIA staff and volunteers will work together to provide support in implementing community service projects. Volunteers are encouraged to be proactive and entrepreneurial to develop their own projects and programs that are in connection with the broad vision and mission of EXPERIENCE LIBERIA.

Volunteer Positions at Experience Liberia

Being sensitive to the time needed to make some cultural adjustments, EXPERIENCE LIBERIA offers different positions that correspond with volunteer’s studies at school and also your future aspirations. Shorter-term volunteers are normally put in roles where they can add the most value within the shortest possible time to their practical experience. Longer-term volunteers are matched with specific projects or programs that are of interest to them.

Outside of working hours, you will have weekends and evenings to have fun and explore a new culture.

Supported with VL’s caring staff environment, interns and incoming volunteers are guided, motivated and supported to take action, help design programs that empower youth and advise them on how to implement action projects successfully.

Example volunteer activities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Educate young people in schools or youth groups on the Millennium Development Goals
  • Assist members of EXPERIENCE LIBERIA programmes/Experience Liberia Clubs in schools/communities to develop action plans
  • Developing information newsletters
  • Basic ICT, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Training
  • Graphic design and web page development
  • Assist young people with internet research and to prepare them for a better performance in major events
  • Coordinating young teams to produce a tool kit
  • Gender & Capacity Development Initiative
  • Community crime reporting
  • Education; schools, community services etc.
  • Mentoring & Mediation
  • Community Peace building & Conflict Resolution
  • Peer and Cross Age Teaching/Training
  • Action Projects
  • Environmental Campaign
  • Engineering Projects
  • Be the Change Academy Project