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About Us

Aims of the Project Royal Academy Salon Project is an initiative which was stated with the aim of improving and uplifting of vocational skills of vuhuerable ladies in, Masaka district, Uganda. The major aim of the project is to reduce high rates of unemployment of unemployed young ladies in the area. The main goal is to promote self – reliance of ladies and mobilize the community through awareness to enhance sustainable development in this particular area.

For the last two years, the project has empowered over 50 young ladies with hairdressing skills and are now able to support themselves. However during the last two years of our operation infrastructure has been the most constraining factor hindering smooth running of our operation as we operate in rented training premises. We aim to continue training these ladies by constructing a well organized building which will help us boost our Salon in a fully functioning institution. How can you help us? Below is a full explanation of what we do:

At present, we are looking for funding for the project. Our estimated costs are approx: $ 20,000 /= Can you help us raise this money? Contact us: gmkalungi @ Yahoo.Com Or write to us:-

Royal Academy Salon P.O. BOX 762, Masaka, Uganda. You can donate directly here. Please quote peoples Mercy Foundation, the umbrella agency of the Project with your donation.

OBJECTIVES: - To construct a building at the premise to aid in storing, accommodate students to learn hairdressing skills. - To purchase hair and beauty equipment in the constructed building to supplement what we have so as to make it easy to learn the skills easily. - To reduce school – drop – out by establishing a viable post – primary institution in the area.

Contact Person The project has an executive committee which is the policy making body for the project; The day today management of the project is managed by the director Mr. Kalungi Michael who is responsible for the daily up keeping of the projects activities. The other members of the project play a major role in the administration of the project. The director can be contacted on. P.O. BOX 762, MASAKA, Uganda. Email: gmkalungi @ yahoo. Com We are also looking for overseas people to help in fundraising efforts for the project such people if identified would also automatically become our projects overseas coordinators and members of our executive committee.

EXPECTED PROJECT OUT COMES: The implementation and realisation of this project will be an addition to the projects efforts to address the major problem of improving the conditions of unemployed vulnerable young ladies standards and satisfy the following: - The project will improve the skills standards of unemployed ladies in the area and create opportunities of employment as the required vocational education will be acquired by the ladies. - Provision of a fully equipped hairdressing and beauty parlour will improve on the performances of the students as they will utilise the equipment in the constructed parlour.