Watoto wa Dunia

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About Us

Watoto wa Dunia is an international grass-roots organization committed to the emotional and physical betterment of children and communities around the world. Our current interest is in Kenya. There are three main programs that we are undergoing in Kenya. The first is a child-sponsorship program, in which we match sponsors with children classified by the Kenyan government as “children in especially difficult circumstances.” Currently via sponsors there are 27 children being sponsored. The second program is working to build a women’s empowerment center in, Kenya. This center will house the existing micro-enterprise as well as serve as housing for 40 AIDS orphans and 100 widows and single mothers. We also hope to have an organic garden. And the third program is a micro-enterprise where widows make baskets and dolls- and we pay them twice: first the amount that they will receive at markets in Kenya and 40% of the profits.