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About Us

TRANET is a TRANsnational NETwork of local community activists. Among its projects is one by "A Coaltion for Self-learning" to "Create Learning Communities." We envision a world without schools -- a world of Cooperative Community Life-Long Learning Centers (CCL-LLs). The Coalition, made up of 400+ like minded people spread from Japan to Moscow, recognizes that schools teach by how they teach more than what they teach. The are authoritarian, hierarchial, patriarchal, and undemocratic. They imbue future citizens with the values of the past industrial age -- materialism, consumerism competition, survival of the fittest, and self-interest. Fortunately a new learning system without leaders, without, plans, without design and witout notice is spontaneoulsy self-organizing from the homseschool, charter school, and autodidact movements. This exemplifies the application of chaos,complexity, and Gaian theories to the social sphere as is applies to the biological and physical spneres.