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About Us

The Afghanistan Olympic Committee has recently sanctioned water polo as a new national sport and named Afghanistan Water Polo as the governing body. Water polo is the oldest team sport in the modern Olympics and is extremely popular throughout the world. The Dream of Afghanistan Athletics is the non-profit organization created to provide financial support to Afghanistan Water Polo.

Afghanistan Water Polo has an immediate goal of bring the team to the U.S. in February, 2009, and is expecting a formal invitation to train in the U.S. from USA Water Polo and the U.S. Olympic Committee shortly. Through creation of local, provincial and national team programs, our sanctioned organization will provide opportunities for the people of Afghanistan to learn, grow, and compete. Additionally, these programs will help the children of Afghanistan grow up as healthy, educated and committed members of the international community.

The Dream of Afghanistan is seeking financial support for what is a very challenging and extremely worthwhile project. Generous gifts will support our efforts in several critical areas, such as Training and Transportation, Facilities Rental and Room and Board for the athletes.

The Dream of Afghanistan Athletics additionally needs help in the creation, development, and promotion of water polo, swimming and other aquatic programs for the people of Afghanistan by volunteering your time and expertise in Coaching and Refereeing, Marketing, Sponsorship, Legal Services, Advertising and Fundraising, Photography, Event Management, Web and Graphic Design, or simply the “whatever it takes” attitude that is the hallmark of volunteerism.

Outstanding things are happening in this effort, but the real value of the your involvement and support would be in the difference it would make to Afghanistan and its people. By giving Afghans an opportunity to experience other nations and cultures through sports, it will provide national heroes and a hope that their country’s re-emergence into the international community is a step closer for this and future generations of the people of Afghanistan.