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About Us

Frontier of the Americas Program Mission Statement

We develop, evaluate, and disseminate programs that inspire people to undertake self-paced technology training and make a difference in their lives, the lives of their children and of their neighbors. We believe we can help our community leverage technology to alleviate the social, economic and educational challenges better than anyone else.¡¨

Purpose Statements „X To help each participant achieve their full potential.

„X To assist community technology centers in a cost-effective manner.

„X To work together with other organizations and individuals to identify programs which positively impact lifelong learning and digital divide issues in our region.

„X To heighten the community's awareness of the Frontier of the Americas efforts to improve the quality of life for all El Pasoans, particularly economically disadvantages groups.

„X To serve as a central resource for the recruitment, training, and deployment of volunteers capable of training community leaders.

„X To strive to include a broad representation of our region in the activities of the Frontier of the Americas Program.

„X To seek and develop alternative funding resources.

„X To provide oversight and accountability for funds raised, funds distributed, and results achieved.

„X To offer technical assistance in technology management for nonprofit organizations and their programs.

Vision The digital divide is the wedge between the "information rich" (those with higher-than-average incomes and levels of education) and the "information poor" (such as those who are younger, those with lower incomes and education levels, and those who live in rural areas or central cities). By closing the digital divide we can achieve educational equity. Through educational equity, the Frontier of the Americas Program can create sustainable links to education, community and commercial resources.