Police Assessment Resource Center

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About Us

The Police Assessment Resource Center (PARC) is a national not-for-profit organization based in Los Angeles that provides assistance, support, advice, and resources to those involved in police oversight throughout the United States. PARC offers a singular depth of knowledge on American policing and police oversight. PARC provides staff and assistance on the panoply of police misconduct issues—including misuse of force, abuse of authority, racial profiling, and corruption. Police oversight is a young, growing field. PARC brings together the diverse practitioners in this new field—those inside law enforcement, such as police executives and heads of internal affairs units or risk management bureaus, as well as those working on the outside, such as government officials, court-appointed monitors, inspectors general, police commissions, or review boards—and provides a forum, a full complement of proven techniques and tools, and experienced advisors in all aspects of police oversight and reform. PARC fosters dialogue between police management and those involved in oversight. As neither a trade nor an advocacy organization, PARC is a neutral—an “honest broker”—not advocating any particular philosophy of police oversight and reform. Rather, PARC equips its clients with the means to advance good, pragmatic management of the risk of police misconduct.