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About Us

Mission: A non-profit benefitting veterans, Johnny America aims to improve the mental and physical health of veterans through physical fitness and community support by providing veterans with 'scholarships' to join local CrossFit affiliates.

What we do:

Johnny America provides scholarships to veterans for membership at local CrossFit affiliates. During their time in the military, service members are at their peak of physical fitness and experience a camaraderie and brotherhood of support. Both are necessary in maintaining personal health and are almost immediately lost once that service member returns to civilian life.

Currently, the suicide rate among veterans is estimated to be around 22 a day. Veterans face significant hurdles to accessing adequate mental health services, such as a backlog of more than 800,000 cases at the VA and a lack of awareness of what services are available to them. Additionally, the obesity rate in the United States is at an all-time high and veterans are not immune to its related health problems. At Johnny America, we aim to combat these mental and physical health issues by empowering veterans to take control of their health through membership at local CrossFit affiliates. CrossFit provides veterans an environment they have been missing since leaving the military; one that challenges them physically and is supportive emotionally.

“We have significant evidence that a measured dose of constantly varied functional movement will improve overall health and mental well-being of severely injured athletes... However, we still have not been able to communicate effectively to the large number of wounded service personnel that CrossFit is a viable and beneficial method of improving their fitness.” -’Serving the Soldiers’ CrossFit Journal April 2012

How you can help: Purchase a JAC shirt or make a donation here. All proceeds and donations go directly towards JAC scholarships for veterans. Spread the word about JAC on facebook and twitter and encourage friends and family to give to our organization.

How to Apply: Please email for an application! You will return it with a copy of your DD214.

Interested in helping JAC? Please email us if you're interested in providing support to JAC (legal help, marketing, consulting, ect)