Mafubira United Aidsministry

About Us

MAFUBIRA UNITED AIDS MINISTRY. PO.BOX 1790. JINJA. TEL;256712953584. website Greetings in the mighty Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the hope of us all with Love from Uganda - East Africa! My Name is Pastor robert tosumbira. am pastoring in mafubira united methodist church I am the founder and Director of mafubira united aids ministry a Christian Non governmental , interdenominational organization with a focus to help Children orphaned as a result of AIDS access education and Women Widowed as a result of HIV/AIDS get Skills that help them become self reliant. Among other things, this organization does - - Rural Evangelism - HIV/AIDS awareness programs deep in the villages where people never get any outsiders reaching them! - A Mobile Clinic operating under the HIV/AIDS program! - Bible Studies in different villages on different days.... in uganda is a country where almost every body is affected [is infected /has lost a relative , friends or spouse to HIV/AIDS]The dependence ratio is too high and especially the aged women are shouldering the burden .The results are poor health, lack of clothing , poor nutrition, high school dropout levels and to the worst ,high level of transmission of HIV/AIDS of about 20%.

As regards the above we can not sit back and look on we are doing what we can to fight the scourge but the resource within our reach are insufficient .My call then, is that we team up with you to save this AIDS generation. God bless you (1 Timothy4;9-16).

LOCATION OF MAFUBIRA UNITED AIDS MINISTRY; The project is located in Mafubira village, Busedde country in Jinja District, Uganda country in East Africa.

MISSION STATEMENT; To coordinate HIV/AIDS service locally and nationally in support services as resources may allow.

TARGET GROUP; Needy widows and orphans in the rural communities.

STATUS: Community based Organisation

AREA OF OPERATION; Busedde, Kamuli District, Iganga, District and with Mafubira.

BENEFICIALIES; At least to start with 60 beneficiaries [widows and the orphans]

OUR OBJECTIVES; 1. Involves the most vulnerable .i.e. widows and orphans. 2. Provision of education to needy orphans. 3. Provision of information to the rural communities about H/-IV/AIDS. ACTIVITIES DONE; 1. Orphans education. 2. Guidance and counselling plus home care. 3. Environmental protection activities. 4. Economicempowerment of the rural communities. 5. AIDS education through music, dance and games. 6.Preaching door to door.

ORGANIZATION; - This involves in building capacities of AIDS service organization to design and implement effective sustainable programs so as to achieve the desired objectives. o Training in different skills e.g. tailoring, computer, studies, strategic planning, income generating activities, monitoring and evaluation. o -Developing of an inventory of NGOS/CBOS, involved in HIV/AIDS activities in Uganda.

BACKGROUND; Mafubira united aids ministers Uganda started way back in march ,2003 when Uganda AIDS commission through the Uganda AIDS control project mobilized about 40 community members to join the sub project called community initiatives[CHAI Group] The community members mobilized included the needy and the helpless widows and guardians to HIV/AIDS orphans and those who could stand the stigma of being identified with HIV/AIDS related activities .Today the membership has risen to 150 widows and 450 orphans across mafubira.


The leadership of MUAM is by an executives committee of seven people.

Chairman/Coordinator Pastor Tosumbira Robert. V/Chairman spteven Balete. Secretary nakato joyel. Treasure Brenda Babereka. Members Nabiye Juliet . Wambuga Rose Kalulu henry.

Acommittee for our boda boda project .

Chairman Pastor Tosumbira Robert. V/Chairman Charles Isabirye. secretary nakato Treasure Brenda Babereka.

This project has at least generated income that has helped to cover administrative costs and home based care since 2005 and saved members from contributing for these.

Send the goats project committee which is on a rotational basis to the members. Chairman; Twinomujun Stephen Secretary; Isabiye Charles. Treasure ; Wambuga Rose .

NB; Other project committee are yet to be formed.

These committee includes;

? Planning and writing reports to general assembly. ? Linking up with well-wishers, donors and partners. ? Manage project. ? Coordination day today activities of organisation.


a) Uganda AIDS control projects used to orphans education to pay fees, buy school uniforms school material, blankets and mattress. Bought bodaboda. b) THE AIDS ORPHANS UGANAD. TOAST-NEWYORK. They bought us 21 goats that comprise what we now call our send the goats project. c) Sarah Ergedon Ministries in California.

They gave us $10000 to build orphanage and money for youth conference.


In our struggle against HIV/AIDS, our experience has helped us identify the following areas as needing immediate attention, and we have therefore planned to under talk activities in such areas as organisation. God bless you .