PeruForYou Volunteers

About Us

Welcome to PeruForYou. It is the web site of the NGO "YACHAYCUY" and it is a legal entity, registered in the Public Registry. NGO Yachaycuy is a non-profit Organization, that provides volunteer placements in the Peruvian Highlands in Huancayo with special interest in caring for the underprivileged children in our area. The minimum of volunteering is 2 weeks and the maximun is 4 months. Volunteers work three or five hours per day. In order to work in the program all Volunteers must be able to have a workable knowledge of Spanish. Spanish classes are included in the program. Our Programs: Street children Program. Orphanage programs. "Niños para el Futuro" - Children House. "Salud y Vida" - Health Assistance.

For more details please contact us by email at: Or call us: +51 64 21 72 76

In all our programs volunteers come to share their skills and help us to improve standard of life of our peruvian children. Volunteers feel really at home during their volunteering period with NGO Yachaycuy.

Institutional Vision

The NGO YACHAYCUY is a non-profit organization and has a program, which is promoted by PeruForYou Volunteers. They are working especially in those areas, that involve education and health projects for children; they have also in programs that promotes Human Rights in the most depressed sectors.

PeruForYou Volunteers carries out innovative proposals in the areas of:

-Education: Free technical courses in English Instruction, covering three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

-Health education: preventative and promotional. This organization impacts the formulation of the plans of Local, Regional and National Governments.

-Development programs in orphanages, youth shelters, and with street children.

Institutional Mission

The Private Institution of Social Development, comprising health and education professionals, is dedicated to promoting Human Rights among the population, particularly in education centers, orphanages, kindergartens, parishes and popular eating establishments through appropriate educational training in preventative and promotional health.

General Objetive

To contribute to improving the quality of life of the poorest sectors of the country by carrying out preventative and promotional programs in education, physical and mental health and environmental protection. These programs will be directed to the education community, parishes, and popular eating establishments