Women Youth Empowerment Initiative (W.O.Y.E.I)


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About Us

Women Youth Empowerment Initiative formerly known as Be The Change Group is a Non governmental community based organization based in Huruma, Nairobi. The organization was founded in 2003 registered under the Ministry of culture, gender and social services in April 07, 2005 as a result of the plight of orphans who have been denied the opportunity for holistic development by unprecedented circumstances. In 2003 a baseline survey was carried out in Huruma, Eastland division and the findings indicated that within a radius of 15 kms there were over 65 children who were orphans[aged 15 years and below]. Many were not living with their parents who at least could provide safety nets for the children. However, one common phenomenon with this area is poverty where most families live in absolute poverty, a situation that has made it very difficult to provide basic needs for the orphans especially low enrolment, retention and completion of secondary school with the cost sharing policy of the Government. The other setbacks that had befallen these families included malnutrition with over 50 percent of the children aged 7 years and below greatly malnourished. The HIV/AIDS scourge has even worsened the situation with many children being left to fend for themselves or under the care of old grand parents. The youth on the other hand have been immensely affected by the ever increasing rate of unemployment. Some have even tried their hand on any trade though the environment is not conducive enough for tangible handworks. Given these conditions youth have been involved in bad habits such as Drug and Substance abuse especially bhang, illicit brews, prostitution and petty crimes. Because of increased poverty, many children never got the opportunity to get education which has made them even more exposed to unemployment as they can not compete on an equal footing with the rest of the world. However, there was a great feeling that despite the setback the youth can still be put on a positive engagement and be useful in society. This is the reason why Be The Change Group was formed and the centre established to help the youth develop life skills that would help them become resourceful and more useful to their families and the society at large The overall goal of Be The Change Group and its projects in potency is living standards of children and youth of Huruma and Neighboring slums bolstered. And what are the strategic objectives of Be The Change Group? • To provide Holistic education of children who are orphans and other vulnerable children especially secondary education. • To provide for basic needs of children who are orphans and other vulnerable children at a family level. • To provide IEC materials on reproductive health and other development issues to the Youth of Huruma and its environs. • To reduce the incidence of Drug and Substance Abuse, level of prostitution by 70% by the year 2007 • To encourage and enhance the reading culture among the Youth as a source of knowledge and understanding of issues surrounding them.