Deliverance Children's Home and Academy

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About Us

We are a school and home for needy children settled in New Eden, Goviefe Kowu, in the Volta Region of Ghana.

With some help we have been able to build a very simple school started with a Nursery-cum-Kindergarten trough a Primary School and now up to JHS 3, with the first batch of students who have taken the final BECE examination in March/April, 2008. The school is now coming to its third batch of students to take the exams.

Indeed it is this children’s home that has grown to include an academy school now known and called Deliverance Children’s Home Academy (Dech-Homac) at New Eden, Goviefe Kowu, established by Pastor Klu with assistance, in terms of communal labour as well as some financial support offered by members of the church, the Parents-Teachers’ association (PTA) and the quite grown-up children of the school.

With no governamental assistance nor support of any kind from outside, all provisions for this school are said to have come mostly from Pastor Godwin Klu sacrificial contributions. These include provisions for classrooms sheds, textbooks, blackboards, school furniture of chairs and tables for both pupils and teachers, allowances for teachers, etc.

Nonetheless, the going had never been that easy. School fees have never been forthcoming, parents found difficulties in purchasing text books and exercises books for their wards. Most children have no decent school uniforms. Much worse, the classrooms cry for proper building or rehabilitation to a greater extent. The situation calls for concerned philanthropists and donor organizations to come to the assistance of the school.

Thus have been the origin and status of the Deliverance Children’s Home and Academy at New Eden, Goviefe Kowu.