Global Sustainability Network for Obama

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About Us

The purpose of the Global Sustainability Network for Obama (G-SNO) is to join together U.S. citizens concerned with the negative impacts on America’s future from climate change, environmental degradation, and current energy policies. More specifically, the Network organization and its fundraising activities will promote natural resource conservation and clean, renewable energy policies that mitigate the effects of both climate change and the rapid loss of biodiversity and natural habitats. The GSNO and its events will: (1) highlight Barack Obama’s leadership on global Sustainability issues; (2) seek to inspire voters to contribute to the Obama Presidential Campaign in support of Sustainability; (3) collect endorsements for an Obama Presidency from prominent conservationists, corporate leaders, and others; and (4) raise the profile of Sustainability in the Presidential campaign and throughout the Washington, D.C. community.

G-SNO's codirectors are Julie Anton Dunn and Beryle Randall.