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About Us

Welcome to Developing skills inter-community Kenya Developing Skills Inter-Community Organization!!!


We started in the year 2005 as an inter community development which is situated in Western Kenya Bungoma district. It is a well mobilized people with a vision of having poverty free,by training youth skills in Carpentry,Masonry,Tailoring,Supporting of vulnerable children and widows.Apart from that we are offering quality education and medical care through a small community pharmacy.We have made a research in this region and we discovered that a number of school dropouts who need skills to enable them in order to succeed in life/self sustainable.

PROGRAMS: We Committed to network/operate in the following areas: Tailoring skills- our students are prepared to attain the required skills in dress making, school uniforms,wedding dress,Suits e.t.c right now we are having a population of 18 students

Carpentry Skills- We offer our students with technical skills in wood science i.e wood curving,furniture making,grooving e.t.c.Right now we are having 7 students .

Masonry skills- we offer them with masonry skills i.e Building and construction,contracting,roofing,ceiling boards,Painting e.t.c.We are having a class of 10 students but whenever we get more support/volunteers the number will increase.

Academy School- We do have a school for the vulnerable kids from nursery school and we hope in the near future to reach class eight according to the demand. currently we are having a class of 65 kids who are in nursery school.We are hoping to progress on as time goes by. community pharmacy- we are having a small community pharmacy that is addressing medical care to the community.