The Civil Regeneration Fellowship

  • Illinois

About Us

The Civil Regeneration Fellowship is a not-for-profit organization, established in the City of Chicago, to profoundly empower and transform communities-in-need by creating and facilitating programs in the four fields of Education, Mental Health, Community Development and the Arts. 

These four fields have been identified as fertile seed and launching points for positive transformation.

  • Education is necessary to combat the darkness of ignorance, and the suffering that ignorance creates. Through education, a person is empowered. Schools in communities-in-need have historically been incapable of providing our children with the academic access necessary to succeed. To this end, we provide programs that address these gaps by being an augmenting arm to the education systems already in place.
  • Mental Health remains a global pressing issue, and the lack of supports to those suffering with mental illnesses compounds the problem. We expel the taboos around addressing mental health issues, we dispel the myths around mental illness, we partner with medical professionals, and we develop programs necessary to offer wrap-around support and access to expertise and treatment. A large percentage of the population that is generally unable to provide for self and for community will be uplifted through this work, and will become fundamental change agents in their spheres of influence.
  • Community Development is another top-agenda issue in the city and state. The economic and physical infrastructures of many communities-in-need have reached a critically damaged state, lending to dangerous environments that contribute to negative impacts. Bad housing/lack of housing, gang violence, crumbling neighborhoods and buildings, and other factors prevent those in communities-in-need from reaching full potential. We address these issues by facilitating programs which provide to families in need, enhance economic viability, beautify and rebuild the community, and contribute the overall safety of the communities we work in.
  • The Arts remain evidence of the heights of human achievement. Art has a positive effect on the human mind and spirit, developing intelligence, honing skill, cultivating a craft, connecting us to more noble sensibilities, and providing us with the ability to create lasting works that have a transcendent effect on our very nature as humans. Statistics show that students, families, and individuals who are exposed to the arts become better people on the overall, having something that elevates us each as human beings. We guarantee that students in public schools remain exposed to the arts and therefore have access to this higher gift to humanity.

In closing, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines civil as:

  • of or relating to citizens
  • of or relating to a state and its citizenry
  • adequate in courtesy
  • relating to private rights and remedies

These definititions so profoundly capture our aim, and is one of the reasons we so named our organization The Civil Regeneration Fellowship. 

Simply put, we believe that there needs to be a regeneration in various areas of the social-emotional climate & culture of civilization, our communities, our education systems, our support systems, our civil affairs, civil duties, and civil rights. We are a fellowship of people, from various professional backgrounds, who have come together to ensure that the positive regenerations necessary to rebuild our communities are realized. To this end, we work to realize our mission.