Crown Residence of New York City

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136 West 44th Street
New York
United States

About Us

The Crown Residence opened in 1994 and each year houses on a transitional basis upwards of 300 homeless men and women who have been referred to us by the New York City Division of AIDS Services and Income Support. The vast majority of the Crown's clients are from minority communities and all are insolvent. They are generally current or former substance abusers, have symptoms of AIDS, and for the most part have limited educations. A high percentage of the Crown’s clients are mentally ill and many have been incarcerated or otherwise institutionalized. The Crown’s staff helps these individuals access health care, secure more permanent housing and break the cycles of ill health, poverty, drug abuse and homelessness. Services provided at the Crown include nursing, adherence, medication and nutritional counseling, case management, substance abuse counseling, recreation services, money management and help with other daily living skills. Each of the Crown graduates due to be honored at the Open House are proof that programs such as ours, in conjunction with advanced medications, can help people reclaim their lives and return to the mainstream.